What We Do

Lewis-Burke Associates LLC is a leading full service government relations firm specializing in advocating for the public policy interests of institutions of higher education and other research and education organizations.

Our Sphere of Influence

Our experts work together, building and leveraging relationships, to advance the policy and funding objectives of our clients. These communities include:

US Executive Branch

  • White House offices (e.g. OSTP, OMB, DPC, etc.)
  • Federal Agencies
  • Advisory committees
  • Interagency activities


  • Appropriations
  • Authorization
  • Tax
  • Member Offices & Delegations
  • Leadership

Thought Leaders

  • National Academies
  • Think Tanks
  • Foundations
  • Trade Groups, Associations, & Coalitions
  • Individual Influencers

Global Organizations

  • State Department – Desk Officers & Regions
  • International embassies in U.S.
  • International bodies (e.g. WHO, World Bank, etc.)
  • International Policy Forums
  • Consular Corps College

Our Services


Growth Strategies





Our expertise and areas of practice include, but are not limited to the following sectors:

Science and Technology

Education and Workforce


Innovation and Industry

Environment and Agriculture


National Security


Arts and Humanities

Culture and Values

We take pride in our people and our contribution to the educational landscape of this country. Our firm is committed to ideas, communication and diverse perspectives that advance our clients interests while progressing the professional lives of our staff.

History of LBA

We have been advocating for the funding and public policy interests of higher education institutes, research firms and education organizations since 1992. While we’ve grown and evolved, our commitment to making the world a better place has never changed.

Our Clients

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