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Working With Lewis-Burke Associates

Clients come to Lewis-Burke for our ability to get the job done and build long-term relationships across government and the research community. We specialize in science, technology, education, and health organizations and work with universities, scientific societies, major facility operators, and others. Our firm expands the relationships, networks, and knowledge necessary to be heard and trusted by funding providers and policy leaders.

The Lewis-Burke Difference

We build trusted long-lasting relationships that deliver results. Our strategic engagement is tailored to each client and their federal relations needs. We are always innovating to keep clients ahead of the curve and nimble amidst changing threats and opportunities. We believe in honest feedback, deep knowledge of federal programs and policies, and always being ready to tackle any problem large or small. Our firm works to expand the relationships, networks, and knowledge necessary to be heard and trusted by funding sources and policy leaders.


The Lewis-Burke EcoSystem

Consensus / Coalition

Allies make you stronger and add to the weight of your message. We lead major research advocacy coalitions, participate in higher education associations, and are always looking to ensure our clients’ needs are included in the broader research advocacy community. We form new coalitions and are always seeking areas where groups may have mutual interests and complementary agendas to strengthen our reach.


Long-lasting Relationships

Our record speaks for itself. After almost 30 years, our first clients are still with us today. We achieve success through trusted relationships with congressional offices, research agencies, and policy influencers that give us early intelligence and the ability to shape future policies and programs. Decades of experience and long standing government/agency relationships let us achieve success for our clients again and again.


Diverse Team Approach

We are deeply collaborative, bringing together experts with diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspectives. Through extensive mentorship, we also give our experts the freedom to explore new areas, challenge themselves, and grow their capabilities. As our client you benefit from our whole office — working together for a comprehensive strategy that fits your evolving needs and interdisciplinary capabilities.



There are many ways we can advance your policy and funding agenda — from advocacy to growth strategies, positioning and profile raising, to building new partnerships and facilitating strategic agenda development. Lewis-Burke delivers both the established services you expect while always looking to explore new ways and novel methodologies that can advance our client funding and policy interests.


Actions Speak Louder Than Websites

We can tell you how we work, but it is so much better to show you. Let’s discuss your organization and government relation needs. A Lewis-Burke representative will conduct a detailed assessment, leveraging additional experts as required, and discuss options to advance your policy and funding agenda.

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