Tier 1 University Practice

Lewis-Burke’s Tier 1 University Practice leverages the firm’s 30+ year history of working with America’s top research universities to support federal endeavors across campuses. From informing strategic priority- setting by university leadership to facilitating faculty engagement with federal agencies, the Practice provides the highest quality in services and products to our leading research university clients.

Experts In Higher Education, Research, and Health

The Tier 1 University Practice comprises staff with diverse professional backgrounds and deep expertise in policy domains of importance to the firm’s university clients. The firm is steeped in research issues and opportunities related to all disciplines, education, tax and endowment, immigration, research security and administration, academic medicine, and other policy topics of critical importance to leading university leadership.

Early information on new programs, potential funding solicitations, and emerging trends allows clients to identify partners, form teams, and position themselves ahead of the competition, often well before opportunities are released.

Information on funding programs and resources across federal agencies enables university researchers and administrators to diversify funding streams and focus priorities in new or established areas
of research.

Enhanced understanding of how different agencies operate helps universities in competing more effectively for funding opportunities and enables increased opportunities for engagement to drive new activities and initiatives across agencies.

Crafting advocacy strategies that leverage congressional delegation support along with deep connections with congressional committees and leadership to achieve key priorities. This includes individual priorities and coalition building to connect like-minded partners and pursue more complex policy priorities that will enable new opportunities.

Increased profile activities can lead to enhanced opportunities for agency engagement through workshops, advisory committees, and other events to help establish new programs, guide future investments, and inform policy making across the federal government.

Tier 1 University Practice Leadership

Naomi Webber, Ph.D

Senior Principal & Tier 1
University Practice Co-Chair

Miriam Quintal

Senior Principal & Tier 1
University Practice Co-Chair