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Science and Technology across the federal government is increasingly fed by multiple disciplines, and requires a balanced approach of pursuing funding for research and funding for infrastructure and facilities. Our expertise is diverse, spanning across all areas of science, engineering, and social and behavioral sciences, including commercialization and development, research infrastructure, and STEM education.


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Science and technology is so important to our world. There’s a saying that if you can dream it, engineers will eventually be able to build it. We hold to this trailblazing spirit, across our complete organization. Keep dreaming the next frontier of science and technology, we have the services, skillsets and devotion to help you build it.


Trends to Watch

Social and Behavioral Science

Lewis-Burke has deep connections with funding agencies throughout the federal government that are eager to better understand the human elements of societal challenges, including technological innovation, national security, education, diversity, health and human well-being, resilience, and environment. Our team is adept at helping researchers navigate opportunities to meet multidisciplinary societal challenges and succeed in receiving federal support. We also work closely with the social science advocacy community to protect federal funding for and raise the profile of the social and behavioral sciences.

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation is the major agency funder of non-biomedical academic research and STEM education. Lewis-Burke has deep connections across NSF and is a major voice with Congress and the research advocacy community on funding and future directions. We help shape and create new opportunities, protect funding priorities, advise clients on competition for major center awards, and provide intelligence that helps clients plan ahead of new solicitations.

Research Infrastructure

Research infrastructure is essential to power new discoveries and enable ground-breaking science. Lewis-Burke has long-standing expertise in developing strategies and delivering support for major facilities and computing investments. Our team stands at the forefront of research infrastructure policy, creating new funding opportunities such as the NSF mid-scale research infrastructure programs to fill unmet needs. We have shepherded several major facilities through the process of building agency and congressional support to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in construction and operations funding.

Space Science and Technology Development

Our relationships and experience run deep across the spectrum of NASA’s space science and technology development activities. The firm’s knowledge of the agency permeates to academia, industry stakeholders, relevant congressional committees, and an impressive track record of shaping federal appropriations and policy influencing NASA programs. Lewis-Burke leverages this expertise to provide early intelligence and inform its tailored strategies designed to elevate a client’s role within the agency and deliver high-profile wins – whether that be funding for a Mars rover, research on Earth’s changing climate, or developing technologies that enable the future of human space exploration.

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