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Environmental, Agriculture, and Climate Science

From space weather, to drones monitoring crops, to building climate resilient communities, to sea floor mapping, Lewis-Burke is positioned to help advance basic and applied research required to understand and address complex problems across the environmental and agricultural science and technology fields.


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Our clients benefit from diverse firm-wide expertise that enables congressional and federal engagement with the large array of agencies, congressional committees, and outside groups that impact environmental and agricultural research and policy. Research organizations must be savvy to navigate this complex and often partisan landscape and make a difference amongst the major industry and environmental advocacy groups vying for dominance. Lewis-Burke identifies and pairs research expertise with agency needs, forges new relationships, and uses creative approaches that yield long-term success.


Trends to Watch


Agriculture touches every person every day, yet the role of agricultural research has been underappreciated at the federal level. More agencies are recognizing the need to invest in agricultural innovation. From energy to biomedical to national security, federal engagement in agriculture is no longer limited to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Lewis-Burke cultivates sophisticated holistic strategies to ensure client expertise is showcased across the federal paradigm, resulting in new opportunities for both influence and funding. Our team couples federal engagement with a coordinated congressional strategy for wins in both authorizing and appropriations legislation.


Lewis-Burke’s environmental coverage is all inclusive, tracking new opportunities across the federal environmental research enterprise to investigate questions relating to earth, air, fire, water, society, and their interactions. Through maintaining close collaborations with congressional offices, congressional oversight committees, and federal funding agencies, we provide advance intelligence and context to clients to enable them to operate ahead of the curve, well positioned to lead, and ultimately be successful advancing critical environmental research.


Climate change impacts all regions of the world, including the United States, across many sectors of the economy. We partner with clients to develop strategies aimed at accelerating technological breakthroughs and innovative approaches to understand, prepare for, and respond to the climate challenge. Our team has expert knowledge of the 13+ federal agencies and departments that support climate-related research. As a trusted partner, we have shaped climate programs, under all budget scenarios. By aligning client strengths with executive and legislative opportunities, we have helped clients increase funding for their climate program initiatives.

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Humanity takes its toll on our planet. The Environment and Agriculture team at Lewis-Burke are passionate about supporting this critical sector. We are invested in maintaining the government, academic, policy, and community connections required to advocate for our clients and make a difference. After all, change doesn’t happen slowly; it happens with purpose.

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