Health & Bioscience Innovations Practice

Building on the deep subject matter expertise and reputation of Lewis-Burke, the Health and Bioscience Innovations Practice capitalizes on strategic opportunities and crafts forward-leaning strategies for our clients. By maximizing short- and long-term positive change in the funding, policy, and regulatory landscape, the Practice defines synergies across client priorities and needs, with a particular focus on transformative health policy, health systems readiness and response, biotechnology & life science ecosystems of the future, and accelerating biomedical innovations.

Experts In Advocacy

The Practice group brings decades of experience across the legislative and Executive branches of government, as well as deep connections with the public and private sectors across the biomedical and life sciences ecosystem. Lewis-Burke’s experts bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and success in appropriations, authorizing legislation, private sector innovation and health policy, and through service to multiple federal agencies.

Lewis-Burke can help develop proactive visions and supporting strategy to translate vision into reality. Our experts are continually monitoring the emerging ideas space and nurturing the seeds of policy innovation, working with forward leaning clients to make progress on initiatives and bold goals to meet the needs of our clients and society.

Some of the greatest opportunities in health and the life sciences fall in the spaces in between federal agencies, between scientific disciplines, between congressional jurisdictions, or in the divide between the public private sectors. Lewis-Burke can bring unique coalitions of stakeholders together, sparking collaborative opportunities and building the momentum to move client goals forward or expand new opportunities.

Lewis-Burke keeps our finger on the pulse of the next big thing – where is the emerging science, disruptive innovation, or societal challenge that will capture the imagination or become a federal priority? We position clients to align with prospects on the horizon, so they can take strategic advantage of new possibilities and be on the ground floor of shaping the public narrative and strategic investments.

Increased profile activities can lead to enhanced opportunities for agency engagement through workshops, advisory committees, and other events to help establish new programs, guide future investments, and inform policy making across the federal government.

The Practice meets clients where they are in support of commercialization or innovation ecosystem-building activities by developing tailored analyses of agency perspectives and providing actionable intelligence on future federal direction. As a result, clients have successfully competed for numerous large, multifaceted awards across federal agencies.

Health & Bioscience InnovationsPractice Leadership

Carrie D. Wolientz, Ph.D.

Principal and Practice Chair