Lewis-Burke worked with a university client to identify new research funding areas for the Medical School.  Specifically, the firm designed a new product for the dean of the Medical School which provided weekly updates on federal funding progress, accompanied by action items, to help formulate new opportunities.  After three months of careful analysis, Lewis-Burke consultants carved out a strategy for the Medical School in the space of federal response to opioid use, that was also well-aligned with the Medical School’s research capabilities.  Lewis-Burke developed a memorandum for the dean which outlined a detailed strategy to thoughtfully position the Medical School once new federal funding opportunities in opioid research became available.  This strategy was so well received that the University’s Vice President for Research (VPR) requested that Lewis-Burke adapt the strategy, beyond the Medical School, and for the entire Academic Health Center, which includes multiple colleges, schools, centers, and institutes.  Currently, Lewis-Burke’s strategy is being implemented across the Academic Health Center.  Lewis-Burke consultants also continue to serve as advisors for the dean and VPR as it pertains to updates and funding opportunities in opioid research.  Additionally, per the request of the dean of the Medical School, Lewis-Burke continues to send weekly updates to help identify additional emerging areas for funding in biomedical research.